As of November, 2022, OHIP does not yet cover fees for mental health issues provided by Registered Psychotherapists.

Your initial contact of inquiry will be free. You can ask me about what I offer and how often I can see you or address any other concerns or questions to see if you feel you would like to meet with me for therapy.

My fees are on a sliding scale in order to accommodate your financial situation as best I can. Please call me (705-349-1906) to discuss.

Many health care plans and work benefits provide some coverage for psychotherapy. WSIB now offers coverage if it is work related. Some disability plans may also cover mental health therapy. I would encourage you to inquire about your health benefits and confirm what is covered through your workplace or any organization you may be receiving benefits from. Psychotherapy is a tax deductible medical expense.

I accept payment in the form of cash, cheque, or e-transfer.